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Meeting with Alexandre Ignjatovic, Enginering Manager at Doctolib




At the end of the month, Wilders will experience for the first time in the history of  Wild Code School a 100% online hackathon bringing together all the campuses. Around 500 students will be thinking about solutions related to the e-health sector. This is an opportunity to discover one of the partners of this event, the startup Doctolib, through its representative: Alexandre Ignjatovic, Engineering Manager.

Lucie: Hi Alexandre. Can you tell us about your background? 

Alexandre: Hi Lucie. It's been two and a half years now that I've been "Engineering manager" at Doctolib. I used to be in charge of several feature teams that participated in the development of the Doctolib's platform. As an engineering manager, my goal is to build a great team of developers, and help them build the best product. On top of that, lately, I have been involved quite a lot with the tech communities, in order to share a bit more about our work at Doctolib.

Before that, I was CTO at Appaloosa, a private mobile application store that allows companies to release apps internally on both iOS and Android.

Lucie: How big is your team currently? 

Alexandre: We have a team that keeps getting bigger and bigger. Two years ago, we were 20 developers amongst 350 employees, and now among the 1500 employees, we are about 80 developers.

Lucie: And what profiles do you recruit? Do you think the Wilders could fit in?

Alexandre: Absolutely! There's no typical profile. It's very international! Our employees are very varied, there's a lot of diversity. Some come from top schools, others have done boot camps. We're not necessarily looking for tech geniuses, but for pragmatic, curious people who are good communicators and who listen to our users. 

Our environment is Ruby on Rails, React, PostGreSQL, Elastic Search. It is not necessary to know the stack but rather to be in our "user first" state of mind and to want to improve your skills. So if the Wilders have these qualities and the desire to learn, we might be interested in them!

Lucie: How is the recruitment of tech profiles carried out?

Alexandre: Our recruitment process involves several teams within our company. It begins for the candidate with a first telephone interview with one of our recruiters who will give him/her access to an exercise to be carried out at home for a maximum of 2 hours. This exercise consists of an application shell that resembles our application environment at Doctolib. The exercise is corrected.

If we decide to continue with the candidate, he will be invited to spend a day of interviews in which he will be asked to play the role of a product manager, to make code restitution, and a kata with the team of developers to judge all his skills. Then, he will meet managers to discover our corporate culture. And finally, he will be able to immerse himself for ½ day within his future team.

Lucie: Once hired, how is the new recruit accompanied? 

Alexandre: We set up the Docto Academy to facilitate onboarding at home. Every month, a dozen or so new recruits join us and start a process of continuous training within the company. Learning between peers is strongly encouraged. In this program, there is a common core and then more specific parts for each department. For example, you can see how to install your stack on your machine. Online content is also made available, like here. Everything is planned so that the new employee is operational from the first week.

Lucie: Thank you Alexandre for all your answers and see you soon for our Hackathon Healthcare!

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